Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is LOSING MONEY! Has to scale back on 2020 rallies.

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., may have found a lump of coal in her Christmas stocking, as her campaign’s fundraising efforts reportedly had a sharp decline in the fourth quarter.

CNBC first reported Friday that the Warren campaign had raised “just over $17 million” in the final quarter ahead of a Dec. 31 Federal Election Commission deadline; that figure represents a drop of about 30 percent from the campaign’s $24.6 million haul in the third quarter.

“So far this quarter, we’ve raised a little over $17 million. That’s a good chunk behind where we were at this time last quarter,” an email from the Warren campaign read. “Elizabeth Warren needs your help. Right now. The goal is $20 million for the quarter — that’s how much the campaign needs to keep our plans on track.”

The email continued: “But if the numbers don’t pick up, we run the risk of having to pull





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