Elon Musk Hopes A Recession Hits the United States – He Wants Money to Stop Pouring Down On Fools

By – Pam Williams

Wow, what talk coming from the richest man in the world! I have been in awe of Elon Musk, but now I am just plain disappointed and disgusted. How dare he not stop to consider many children will starve and suffer, but not his own.

The hypocritical billionaire seems lost in his own tiny privileged world. He must be forgetting that he has received loans and tax breaks to help keep Tesla afloat. Now he says other companies should go bankrupt! Wow, Elon, bad move on your part. However it is a fact that Muskd has paid back every loan he has ever taken.

He goes on to say ‘all the Covid stay-at-home stuff has tricked people into thinking that you don’t actually need to work hard. Rude awakening inbound.’

I agree with the last statement, and we can thank Dr. Fauci for that. The American people were set up, and there was not anything we could do after the crap went so far. Unfortunately, people have died, and now it is said the impact of the disease is dire.

It has made a cripple out of our society. It has made us dependent upon our government which only encourages us to accept socialism. We are in a really bad place right now.

Elon is talking tough, but he can afford to do that.

‘It isn’t just Washington that has been generous. Tesla also benefits from state income tax breaks for the green vehicle and routinely helps itself to corporate subsidies. Since last August the company has received incentives to move to Austin, Texas to expand its empire.

Currently, he is planning to create the Tesla Cybertruck.

I would advise him not to get too cocky with himself, as he can lose, too. He is a human being, just like rest of us. He borrowed money from his girlfriend, the successful recording star, Grimes, at one time, but I don’t think he can do that again…as he left her for an up and coming actress.

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Be kind, Elon. When you are up, it is easy to look down and laugh. But when you fall to the ground, you hit harder and the crowd comes running to stone you.

Oh, one other thing no one is talking about, Elon is having to extract rare earth minerals for his electric cars at an alarming rate. This is a huge carbon footprint, appearing to be more than we first thought.


QUOTE – Electric cars are set to charge ahead and replace their fossil fuel-guzzling cousins in the coming years as Europe hunts for ways to fight climate change.

But while these new vehicles don’t directly produce any carbon emissions, are they really as good for the environment as we think?

Much depends on whether the electricity used by the cars is produced by renewable sources or a coal-fired energy plant.

There are also ecological question marks over the components used in electric cars, including the battery and the use of rare-earth metals.

One such rare-earth metal is neodymium, which is used to make very strong magnets found in all types of electric motors.

The mining of such elements generates thorium contamination — a radioactive element found in the metals that can negatively affect the surrounding environment. READ MORE: What are rare earth elements and why are they important in the US-China trade war?



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