Elon Musk is really getting his money’s worth right now

by squaremild

WEF stooge or not — Musk has been absolutely unloading truthbombs on Twitter the last couple of days. Everything from relentless visuals which until recently were verboten to an interesting exchange with Dave Rubin:

Rubin points out legacy media like NYTimes has as many as 50 million followers yet rarely gets 50 retweets on posts whereas other accounts (like his) regularly achieve thousands of engagement — musk replies tersely, “i noticed that, too”

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he has gone so far as to drop subtle jokes (making fun of sensationalized “freedom of speech” by referencing the cocaine in cocacola) to subtle hints of what may be to come (“twitter DMs should really have end-to-end encryption”–musk stands to acquire every record of every DM extant)

all that aside this is a fabulous illustration of a point — the progressive “left” has moved the goal posts time and time again while moderates have more or less stayed the same. the Overton Window has shifted and most people are left wondering how they have suddenly found themselves being called right-wingers (glenn greenwald instantly comes to mind)


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