Email from Shanghai native about the horrific lockdown…

Lived in Shanghai for several years, worked for a software company and became friends with many of the locals.

Checked in on my Chinese friend who’s wife just had a baby.

Here’s what he wrote, copied and pasted:

Luckily, we are still breathing. And we are so glad to hear from you guys. Are you guys doing ok? OMG, Shanghai is fxxxking hell right now. Definitely hell, truly!!!!! People die every day, not due to the damn covid-19 but because of the stupid leaders’ misconduct. The govxxnmxxt is bullshit. We are not allowed to step out of our homes, not even one step. And we are being nucleic acid tested 1 time every 2 days. Only this moment, we are allowed, actually must get downstairs to line up to do the test, which is super silly since more people, more possibility of getting infected.

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Speaking of food, yeah, we get relief food, which is good but not enough if we don’t figure out to buy some through other platforms. (Some normal shopping websites don’t work properly as well, since no deliveryman. For this part, things are getting better though, more and more deliverymen are coming to Shanghai to help us) . Well, so for now, we have food to support us for at least 2 weeks, but not sure after what will happen. Anyway, Shanghai is like a big prison. Nearly everyone is locked down at home except many medical workers, deliverymen, and those leaders. There are so many tragedies happening here nearly every day. Always in tears when I am reading those news.
So happy you guys are not here. Shanghai, for the first time, as my hometown, we are much disappointed at her, or maybe them, the leaders. The good news, several leaders are fired.

Hope the policy can change later, hope our life can go back to normal soon. We are still alive, and doing ok. Thanks for your regards, Love you and miss you.




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