Emerging Markets Currency CRISIS in Turkey, Argentina, India! Drop to RECORD LOW!

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China’s stock market is down over 20%
GSIB banks are in a bear market
Argentina and Turkey’s currencies are down 40%+ this year
Venezuela is destroyed
South Africa, India, and others have suffered big time against the US dollar this year.

What am I supposed to say when the parrots repeat the lie “The stock markets are rising you liar!”?


The crisis in emerging market continues. The fallout persists as countries all over the world see inflation pick up, their currency drop, and contagion spreads throughout. The U.S. markets have been supported with generous donations from central bank intervention causing the longest bull market in history. The question is, can FANG stocks remain afloat with everything around sinking like a stone?

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Turkish lira sinks after reports that a key central bank member could resign


ustry crash.jpg (890×463)


Argentina crisis: Peso crashes to record low amid IMF plea


Argentine Bond Risk Soars With Investors Losing Faith in Macri Era – BloombergQuint


2018-08-29_11-04-19.jpg (890×467)


national-inflation-yy.png (687×341)


2018-08-29_10-10-08.jpg (890×467)


2018-08-29_10-02-54_0.jpg (890×463)


2018-08-29_10-20-46.jpg (890×451)


India’s rupee falls to an all-time low


2018-08-30_6-10-53.jpg (890×469)



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