Employers Will ne Responsible for Mandatory Vaccine Reactions

by Martin Armstrong

A number of people have written in about their employer saying get vaccinated or you are fired. I suggest that a lawyer send a letter stating that these vaccines are experimental
Moderna did it in 2 days. Therefore, your employer will be responsible for any side effects or serious illness ONLY if they MANDATE rather than suggest or encourage.

You cannot sue the politicians and you cannot sue the drug companies. Gates does not have immunity nor will your employer. Many will not take you back if you have been injured and end up on workman’s comp. So there are real issues here. Others realize they will be responsible for the vaccines are still experimental. Some employers realize there is a problem because they are not actually approved.

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An employer-mandated vaccine is considered a part of work. So under most state laws, an adverse reaction would be covered by workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation has been the employee’s recourse in the past for other employer-required vaccinations. It is unlikely that courts would change that precedent.

Be very careful. If your employer merely encourages you to get the vaccine, you will NOT be covered under workman’s comp.  Your employer will acquire liability ONLY if they mandate you get the vaccine. Your employer will most likely claim no responsibility because they did not actually vaccinate you. This is why a MANDATE is essential.

Pay close attention to the words. “Encouragement“ is different from a “Mandate“.


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