END OF all PERSONAL freedoms ordered in SANTIAGO, state of emergency, curfew, anyone out will be shot


Curfew announced starting at 22:00 until 07:00. #Santiago #Chile
Military have orders to shoot on sight

To hell: Authorities announce curfew in Santiago. My last curfew was when Pinochet was alive and I was about 8 years old. I never thought I was going to live this again in my life #ChileDespierta #ChileProtests #toquedequeda #EstadoEmergencia #19Oct

Military now deployed all over the city, anyone on the streets will be shot

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Santiago is in a state of war. The state of emergency has been declared, tanks are in the bloody streets and now the curfew has been declared. We cannot go out. Never seen since the dictatorship, 40 years ago. This is how democacy dies…

Chile protests: state of emergency declared in Santiago as violence escalates
President announces order in televised address after fare-dodging protest by students in capital widens

A state of emergency has been declared in the Chilean capital after simmering protests against a rise in metro fares spilled out into widespread vandalism and violence fuelled by rising cost-of-living pressures.

As ordained by Chile’s dictatorship-era constitution, the state of emergency will apply to Santiago and can last for 15 days. It grants the government additional powers to restrict citizens’ freedom of movement and their right to assembly. Ominously, soldiers will return to the streets for the first time since an earthquake devastated parts of the country in 2010.

“The aim is to ensure public order and the safety of public and private property,” President Sebastián Piñera said in a televised address, “There will be no room for violence in a country with the rule of law at its core.”

On Friday evening, the palm trees in Santiago’s colonial Plaza de Armas were shrouded in plumes of tear gas thrown by police agents to disperse protesters, and the headquarters of Italian energy company Enel were engulfed in orange flames as the sounds of helicopters and wailing sirens filled the night sky.

Adding to the cacophony was the noise of pots and pans being banged together on balconies, a traditional cacerolazo protest.



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