End of an era: Barbados becomes a Republic – China invests half a billion dollars there

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Prince Charles landed in Barbados last night ahead of a historic ceremony removing his mother, the queen, as head of state after 55 years. The Caribbean island will become the world’s newest republic as it swears in its first president, Governor-General Dame Sandra Mason, on Tuesday

Chinese pressure is said to be fuelling a drive to remove the Queen as head of state in Barbados, British MPs have warned. Beijing has pumped at least $490million dollars into the island’s tourism industry in recent years – and even more in low interest loans…

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I know you all will be cheering, “Lizard Queen blah blah…” But they’ve just swopped a benign partner for China. Let’s see if they’ll be celebrating ten years from now. This also gives China a base very close to the US. Think about it



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