‘End the war on whistleblowers’: Snowden slams ‘bulls**t’ smear from GOP politician that he & Assange are ‘Russian agents’

Edward Snowden is calling for an end to “the war on whistleblowers” after he shot back at a politician who slammed him and Julian Assange as “Russian agents.”

“Snowden and Assange are Russian agents who pose a direct threat to the US national interests,” Tony Gonzales, a congressman-elect to the Texas House of Representatives, tweeted.

The message was in response to a plea from Rep. Tulsi Gabbard for both Snowden and Assange to receive full pardons.

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“Politicians take note,” Snowden warned when responding to Gonzales, “smearing whistleblowers and publishers with obvious bull***t no longer gets you showered in likes, it gets you ratioed by a furious public.” 

Snowden highlighted the amount of retweets the “Russian agents” message got (just over 500 at that time, and just over 650 now vs. over 3000 comments, many of them critical of the post).

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“It is time to end the war on whistleblowers,” Snowden added.