Ending Illegally Implemented DACA and Making America Great Again

by Robert Carbery
On Friday, the White House announced Trump had made his decision on ending the illegal yet allowed decision by Obama to legalize children brought to America by their parents under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program. President Trump has decided to end the illegal program legalizing illegal immigrants with a six month delay to give Congress a chance to actually do something for once.  
Trump announced his decision on Tuesday through Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who initially contended that Congress rather than the executive branch should write our immigration law. Sessions stated, “the DACA program was implemented in 2012 and essentially provided a legal status for recipients for renewable two year term worker authorization and other benefits, including social services to 800,000 mostly adult illegal aliens.” Sessions further called it an “unconstitutional exercise in authority by the executive branch.” Congress writes the laws, not the president. Sessions’ statement on Tuesday was a strong stand against illegal immigration, something sorely lacking over the last 8+ years.
Trump’s move to secure the border by ending an illegal immigration program installed by the Obama administration is a sure move to shore up his nationalist, America First base. This one will be quite contentious. Coming out of my office in Downtown Sacramento on Tuesday afternoon, I came across a cabal of immigrants rights protestors up in arms and showing their signs in disgust over Trump’s most recent move to make America great again, to the displeasure of those promoting illegal immigration on a daily basis.
Let’s remember the fact that Trump is giving Congress a six month window to act on this issue. However, as a senior White House aide said of chief of staff John Kelly who, “thinks Congress should’ve gotten its act together a lot longer ago,” it seems we are past the point of discussion. It is time for the 800,000 children turned adults here illegally to lose their legal status. We cannot continue to bend over backwards for those who are breaking the law here in America. It is time to put America First and never look back.
It’s time to end DACA. If you want to change federal immigration law to allow these individuals to remain in our country, then change the law! Otherwise, stop talking about how cruel and mean Trump is by demanding that we enforce the law on all individuals no matter what.

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Trump’s own Republican “allies” have told him to not scrap DACA. But Sessions has convinced him otherwise. The president is finally trusting his gut and going with what he knows is right.
Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), who previously said he was very disappointed by Trump’s lack of action on DACA, expressed frustration on Sunday with the delayed implementation.
“Ending DACA now gives chance 2 restore Rule of Law. Delaying so R Leadership can push Amnesty is Republican suicide,” King tweeted. I agree. Just end it now. But the president is doing what he thinks is best and I trust him.
Meanwhile, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), who has called on Trump to stand up for the Dreamers, tweeted out her displeasure with Trump’s expected announcement.
“After teasing #Dreamers for months with talk of his ‘great heart,’ @POTUS slams door on them. Some ‘heart’…” she wrote. Going straight to emotions over real life impact. Typical liberal Democrat tact coming from a supposed Republican. Classy.
Trump’s decision to delay the implementation of ending DACA for six months shows he is at least aware of the moral and political complexity of this issue. But his desire to make America great again burns out all others. America is made up of citizens of this country who have come here legally. It is not cruel or unusual to deal with illegal actions regarding immigration in any way. It is right and must be done.
Obama should have, as a former constitutional law professor, known that it was Congress’, not the president’s, duty to write and decide immigration laws. I’m sure he did actually. However, his propensity for being THE story and making his OWN decisions led him to installing this monstrosity of a program legalizing a segment of an illegal population. Trump should not be criticized for returning this power back to the people.
Former President Barack Hussein Obama came out against Trump’s decision to end DACA, called a “pro-immigration program” by some irresponsible mainstream media outlets. He called it “cruel” and posted a response on Tuesday not long after the announcement. The open borders president went on to discuss how we are a nation of immigrants and whatnot. It was astounding how much the previous president was able to get away with flouting federal law and doing whatever the hell he wanted.
Helps to have 90% of the mainstream media on your side.
Ending DACA is the right thing to do even if it makes you feel bad. These are illegal immigrants in our country. The median age of these individuals is 26. They are not all children. They are illegal. Deal with it.
Time to end DACA and MAGA.
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