Entire Country’s Internet Goes Down – What This Could Mean For Us

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent reports of the entire country of Mauritania’s internet going offline following a submarine cable mysteriously breaking.
While no one knows how it happened, it can shine a light on a massive problem within countries like the United States where the electric grid is more than 50 years outdated and can cause a huge problem. Of course the internet can go down anywhere and if the government has control of the strands of wire on the sea floor connecting countries, it can cause some massive issues.
The electric grid in the US is incredibly terrible. We can thank government monopolization of the sector and therefor the utter lack of incentive for innovation and competition.
On the free market, this problem could be a minor one. With alternative marvels across the board on the market we wouldn’t all be stuck on one inefficient outdated government monopolized grid which is actually quite dangerous too in the event of a major solar flare.

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