Equifax breach: just how much personal data was compromised?

In a filing on Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission which was provided to congressional committees, the exact scope of the Equifax data breach was revealed.  Just how much personal data was exposed in the Equifax breach of 2017?  The sensitive, personally identifiable information of the Equifax breach contained:

  • 146.6 million birthdays
  • 145.5 million Social Security numbers were compromised
  • 99 million addresses
  • 27.3 million gender identifications
  • 20.3 million phone numbers
  • 17.6 million driver’s license numbers
  • 1.8 million email addresses
  • 200,000 credit card numbers and expiration dates

NBC News reports:

Equifax had previously acknowledged that the Social Security numbers of most of the 146.6 million consumers who were affected were part of the hack. The new filing specifies that 145.5 million Social Security numbers were compromised — representing more than 99 percent of all of the affected consumers.



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