EU CRISIS: Belgium PM faces CONFIDENCE VOTE as parliamentary majority COLLAPSES

BELGIAN Prime Minister Charles Michel is facing a no confidence vote this week with the country’s Socialist faction likely to trigger the process on Tuesday, following violent demonstration which erupted outside the EU commission over the weekend.

The Belgian prime minister lost his parliamentary majority after a walk out was staged by Flemish nationalists nine days ago, over the contested UN Migration pact. Mr Michel’s Mouvement Réformateur (MR) party welcomed the new initiative, which makes immigration a human right and threatens to jail anyone who challenges it. The New Flemish Alliance (NVA), opposed to the Migration Pact, left Mr Michel with a minority government and a political crisis after MPs quit government.

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Mr Michel was given permission to form a minority administration but at a press conference he appealed to MPs in the federal parliament not to force an election.

Now, the Dutch-speaking sp.a party has called for a vote on Mr Michel’s rule.


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