Euphoria! CoreLogic February Home Price Index UP 20% While Real Hourly Wages Decline (Wine Prices UP 25.1%, Foodstuffs UP 52.7 Under Biden)

by confoundedinterest17


CoreLogic’s Home Price Insights revealed that home prices rose 20% YoY in February despite REAL average hourly earnings declining -2.678% YoY. THAT is euphoria! Or Stimulypto, as I like to call it.

No, The Federal Reserve still hasn’t removed its staggering monetary stimulus. Notice that M2 Money Stock is still growing at a torrid 11% pace.

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20% YoY home price growth in February? CoreLogic has increased their forecast of home price growth to 5%, likely because The Federal Reserve is imitating a sloth in removing its monetary Stimulypto.

Of course, there are other assets growing at lightning speeds. US Regular gasoline prices are UP 75.4% under Biden. Foodstuffs are UP 57.2% since Biden was installed as President. At least ground beef is only up 16.8% while the fine wine index is up 25.1%.

Speaking of wine, Hitching Post II in Buellton, CA must be suffering from rising food and grape costs too (I highly recommend eating there and using their HP Magic Stuff at home). Not to mention their spectacular wines. Roast artichokes anyone??



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