Euro winter of discontent: Now Germany locks down unvaccinated! Norway tightens entry rules, urges dropping handshake…

Euro winter of Covid discontent: Now Germany bans unvaccinated people from restaurants as continent goes on ‘red alert’ for Christmas lockdowns, French protest against further restrictions and Belgians are ordered to work from home

  • Germany following Austria’s lead in locking down unvaccinated in places where hospitals are overwhelmed
  • Hundreds of French protesters demonstrated against Austria’s Covid apartheid on Thursday
  • Crowds waving flags gathered outside Austrian Embassy in protest at Vienna’s lockdown for unvaccinated
  • Europe has become the epicentre of the pandemic once again, with WHO warning of rising deaths
  • Coronavirus fatalities spiked by five per cent on the Continent this week, the UN health body warned 
  • Austria has seen rising cases despite locking down people who are unjabbed on Monday this week  
  • Germany, Italy, Greece are all considering joining Austria with vaccine apartheid ahead of ‘terrible’ winter

Germany is following Austria’s example in locking-down unvaccinated people in regions where hospitals are becoming ‘dangerously full’ of Covid patients.

Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday announced that the move is ‘necessary’ to tackle a ‘very worrying’ fourth wave of the pandemic that is overwhelming hospitals, and blamed the unvaccinated for driving the surge.

Europe has become the epicentre of the pandemic once again, with the World Health Organisation warning that the Continent was the only region in the world where deaths had increased as Covid-related fatalities spiked by five per cent just this week.

Vienna imposed a lockdown on unvaccinated people. However, pressure on the Austrian government to impose a full lockdown grew as its worst-hit provinces said they would adopt the measure for themselves amid rising cases and reports of people dying in hospital corridors.

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Norway tightens entry rules, urges dropping handshake

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Norwegian officials said Friday the country is introducing stricter controls at border crossings, requiring everyone to register before entering the country, in a bid to tackle the rise in COVID cases.

Norwegian Justice Minister Emilie Enger Mehl said the move that enters into force Nov. 26, is “to get a better grip on who comes in.” Norway has, like other European countries, seen a recent rise in COVID-19 cases with more hospitalizations.

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