Europe getting ready to implement even tighter Covid control measures…

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With the Omicron variant spreading rapidly in Europe, the French government is looking to transform its Covid-19 health pass into a vaccine pass. The new measures would limit access to certain public places only to those who show proof of vaccination or recovery from the illness. This system has already been applied in several European countries – but it has sparked controversies….

The Covid-19 health pass was introduced in France in early June to “help French people return to a normal life while minimising the risks of contamination”. The passes – a prerequisite to access cafés, bars, restaurants, theatres and even long-distance transport – can be obtained if people prove they have been vaccinated or provide a negative test. But that could change.

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Under a new system proposed by the French government, presenting a negative Covid-19 test, done within a 24-hour period, will no longer meet the health pass criteria. Only people showing proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 would be able to have the pass. This reform, which the government hopes will be approved and implemented by mid-January, is already being tested in several European countries including Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.

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