Europe is facing DEFLATIONARY collapse. Despite trillions printed into the system, they’re still falling.

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Europe is falling apart. If the plan was to have the Euro succeed, this was a massive failure. Just look at the economies of this group. It’s just getting worse every year. Banks are failing. Money is fleeing. The ECB literally has to print up money and buy practically everything just to slow down the inevitable failure. What will come of this?

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Europe Looks Like the Real Weak Link in the Global Economy – BNN Bloomberg

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chartoftheday_16996_estimated_number_of_jobs_threatened_per_country_in_the_case_of_a_hard_brexit_n.jpg (960×684)

Santander’s landmark decision to not pay off a bond could have a major impact on the $140 billion market for risky bank debt – SFGate




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