Europe will burn – First wave of serious protests edition.

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Starting with Rotterdam, Holland riots that took place last night.So far there are 9 injured, 2 of them were shot by police.Multiple police cars were set on fire.

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Today, Vienna, Austria. Except a small fight that ended with 2 protestors arrested, there is no further violent development.

In France, yellow vests joined the other protestors against Covid19 mandates, setting multiple fires and fighting with the police.

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Rome and Milan, Italy. Protestors gathered again even tho protests are forbidden in Italy, to protest against forced vaccination, mandates and .. Trump ???

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London, UK .Not the first protest there, tho this time their route changed, protesting in front of Austria`s embassy and NHS.

A large number of peoples are also protesting in Zagreb, Croatia and Prague, Czech Republic.

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Protests against forced vaccination and mandates are taking place in Bruxelles today.They turned into riots as fires were started and police had to call the army in support.Could not find more videos so far, being aired on local news.

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Found a live stream.

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