European Commission: We Will Not Return to Economic Activity Based on Fossil Fuels

By Chris Black

That was the plan all along.

Modern parliamentary democracy is the single most corrupt imaginable form of government due to the inability to ever hold anyone accountable for anything. That is the core problem. 

Allow me to demonstrate:

The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced that after the pandemic it is no longer possible to return to economic activity based on fossil fuels (rule by edict basically). The statement was made at the opening of the online Energy Transition Dialogue in Berlin.

Climate change is the big crisis after coronavirus. After the pandemic, there is no possibility of returning to economic activity based on fossil fuels and to the detriment of the climate and the environment, “said Von der Leyen. 

The EC chief said the EU’s goals are to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 55% by 2030 and achieve climate neutrality by 2050. 

“Our goals are ambitious but feasible,” said Ursula von der Leyen, who spoke of “systemic modernization” until sustainability is achieved.

The European Commission’s initiatives include updating all Community legislation to bring it in line with the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, as well as expanding and strengthening the carbon market. “CO2 must have a price, because it is not the environment that has to pay the price.”

The European Union is thinking greener and greener. Gasoline, diesel or LPG cars could be banned until 2025. They will be replaced with other fuels, such as liquid hydrogen, whose electricity is supplied from renewable sources.

Dan Sperșing, director of the Institute for Transportation Studies at the University of California:

“The transport system we use now is probably the most inefficient and wasteful of resources you can imagine. We use so much energy, we use so much land for roads, parking lots and we produce so much greenhouse gas. ”

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Frans Timmermans, who is in charge of climate policy at the European Commission, does not want to go to war with producers. The proposal comes in the context of raising awareness of environmental issues worldwide.

Frans Timmermans: “You know that the car industry starts by saying it’s impossible and then finally complying. I don’t take this as a template in my negotiations, because we have to listen to their arguments. “

Denmark, backed by 10 other EU countries, has called for a ban on diesel and petrol vehicles at European level by 2040 to combat climate change, Euronews reports.

Denmark made the proposal at a meeting of EU environment ministers in my Luxembourg, because we need to listen to their arguments. “

The EU aims to reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2030, while the European Commission intends to reduce them to zero by 2050, to help stop global warming.

“We have to admit that we are under time pressure,” Danish Climate and Energy Minister Dan Jorgensen said after the meeting.

He said a ban on diesel and petrol cars would lead the commission to propose phasing out fossil fuel vehicles from the block over the next two decades.

In October 2018, the Danish government announced that it would ban the sale of all fossil fuel cars until 2030, but later abandoned the idea, as this would have violated EU rules.

Jorgensen said that if the EU agreed to an EU-wide ban, it would be good if each country could implement such a measure. “Plan A would be to adopt a European ban,” he said.

Ahh, the future…

All the goals of the World Economic Forum have been realized.


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