European vaccination passport officially confirmed

It took just one year for vaccine passports to become a reality. This is worse than a social credit system. The vaccines don’t have any long term effect data. Yet people in the EU won’t be able to travel without it.

This was considered a crazy conspiracy less than a year ago.

The notion that people wouldn’t be allowed to travel without a rushed and experimental vaccine seemed unscientific and outrageous.

Yet they will be implemented this summer.

This is essentially a single focus social credit system.

People in the EU who hoped to travel for business, leisure, family, etc will essentially be held captive to politics.

To clarify I am absolutely not anti vaccine. My kids are vaccinated. My pets are vaccinated. The difference is that we know how those vaccines work.

And above all else they have been tested for decades.

We have short and long term side effects understood.

And even with those vaccines, side effects are purposefully underreported and there is a separate sketchy vaccine court.

Those vaccines went through years of testing.

This thing is a new type of preventative measure.

This mRNA delivery method is so untested that they had to literally change the definition of vaccine to include mRNA treatments just so they could call it a vaccine.

The short term side effects including deaths, have gone grossly underreported or ignored.

And we have no clue what the long term side effects could be.

They don’t even know how long it will remain effective.

Again I’m not anti vaxx. I’m pro common sense.

We shouldn’t be forcing something on people when we don’t even fully understand it.

Plus let’s not forget we still haven’t even confirmed whether it came from a bat or a lab.

Let’s slow down enforcement measures. Put more money into long term testing.

Figure out where it came from.

And let’s take a measured scientific response.

Not a knee jerk vaccine passport straight out of a dystopian novel


h/t FringeCenterPodcast


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