Europe’s Losing Power, Political Shift On The Horizon

by Thinker

POLITICO – May 29, 2018: The article highlights that Europe is losing steam as a result of the old aristocrat power base chipping away, and as a result Brussels is left dazed and confused regarding the future of the union. The EU establishment is stumbling in 2018 from elections and political stalemate notching up losses. With Chancellor Angela Merkel, the icon-establishment leader of Europe, barely holding on to power, weakened in her reelection bid. Her party colleagues worry around the EU table as the populists make headway toward political power. And for the first time since World War II, the far-right party, Alternative for Germany, was elected to 92 seats after a pair of defections in the Bundestag. Chancellor Merkel open-door migration policy also compounded the problem and has dealt her heavy blows from the angry German population who continue to see their way of life change for the worse.

Anti-Merkel movements are making headway in Austria, the Czech Republic, and most recently Hungary followed, and now Italy has sent the biggest political shock so far in 2018. And Austria’s determination to break free from the old aristocrats brought the far-right Freedom Party into government. And in France, in due time, the main alternatives to Macron aren’t the Socialists or Les Républicains, but:…e-horizon/

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The Collapse of the Illuminati

Enlightenment is about becoming more aware of the darkness. It is only when we are fully aware of the darkness that we can truly choose the light. In this video I talk about the dark forces that work in the background of our governments for their own personal gain. Those for whom our supposed leaders are mere puppets for an agenda hell bent on global domination. To understand who is really pulling the strings we need to look into certain areas. The CIA, NSA and MI6. Who really carried out the 9/11 attacks. Were the London 7/7 bombings carried out by MI6 and did they assassinate Princess Diana.

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Why are banking families such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers allowed to amass so much wealth through exploiting the public? Who is covering up the UFO phenomena and do so called special access/black budget programs really exist? The fact that Barack Obama and David Cameron refuse to talk about these issues is proof that they are on the inside and part of this evil agenda for global domination. This dark cabal is now in collapse due to the increased vibratory state of the planet as we shift into forth density.

As the evolution of consciousness sweeps the planet it is impossible for the darkness to hide in the shadows any longer. The Illuminati is being illuminated by the light. Our growing consciousness is allowing us to very clearly see what serves us, what doesn’t, and how to move forward in creating a forth density golden age of love and light.


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