Even after the ‘mid cycle adjustment’, global policy rates are still too tight given economic data (global PMI).

Central banks around the world are surprising markets with aggressive rate cuts: Here’s why

Central banks in New Zealand, India and Thailand all announced larger-than-expected cuts to interest rates on Wednesday, furthering a global trend of monetary policy easing.

U.S. government bonds going negative are a real possibility, Pimco analyst says

Some $14 trillion in government debt now offers negative yields and the U.S. could soon be a part of that legion, according to Joachim Fels, a global economic adviser for Pimco

Cash Is Hardly a Haven From Negative Yields

U.S. investors need to ask themselves those same uncomfortable questions. Yes, it’s hard to get excited about the 10-year yield at 1.73% when it was above 2% just a week ago. But some market observers are starting to talk about that benchmark not just falling below its all-time low of 1.32%, but dropping all the way to zero

China’s escalating currency wars threaten 1930s-style deflationary spiral



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