Even Salon.com Sees No “Blue Wave” Overtaking Congress in 2018

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by Robert Carbery

The Democratic Party is looking for any hint anywhere in America that they are turning back the tide that hit our political shores with the arrival of the TrumpTrain. While many in the media have touted President Trump’s low approval ratings as a sign that the Republican Party is already in retreat after a decisive electoral college victory last fall, the fact remains that the Democrats are in disarray and will not be returning back to power any time soon.
Even Salon.com’s Andrew O’Hehir agrees with this assessment of the Left. He wrote a recent soul searching article for his base of liberal Americans about how there will be no “blue wave” taking over Congress in the mid-term elections next year.
The mainstream media descended on a House race in Montana recently as a showdown for what direction this country is heading. A sparsely populated conservative state in the West will be the real indicator of Trump’s popularity nationwide!
O’Hehir told his colleagues to “Get over Montana already,” as it does not mean anything. While you’re at it, he continued, “Forget about the ‘blue wave’ of 2018. Forget about the Democratic majority of 2019. Forget about the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Have you been paying attention? Because none of that stuff is happening and it’s all a massive distraction.” If only we got these words of wisdom more often from the liberal media! Straight talk like this is very much needed during these times of fake news and obfuscation of reality.
The liberals in America continue to live in their bubbles, conversing and grouping themselves only with other people who think like them, which leads to them believing quite outlandish things such as the impending impeachment of the president and the fact that Democrats will take back the House and possibly the Senate next year. While President Obama suffered very significant losses in the mid-term elections of 2010 and 2014, leading to the grip the Right has on power right now, the Republicans do not have to defend a horrendous health care law, though a few will likely fall due to Trump’s version of the legislation to replace Obamacare.
O’Hehir at least indicted himself in paying too much attention to a single House race in a country of fifty states and hundreds of different districts and blowing it out of proportion. Writing soberly for a feverish party, O’Hehir’s position is that Donald Trump is a symptom of a broken political system and sadly for them, electing a Democratic House majority is 95% unlikely to happen and even if it does happen it will not fix what is broken it will only make you feel better for a bit.
The reality is that there are simply not enough swing districts in play after gerrymandering took place in 2010, locking in Republican advantages for the next decade. This will likely result in a Republican majority through 2020 at least. The actual number of swing districts that could go either way is simply getting smaller and smaller.
The Senate is just as hopeless for the Democrats as there are 33 seats up for election next year and 25 are currently held by Democrats. And 10 of those are in states Mr. Trump won last year. If anything, Republicans will actually gain seats in the Senate next year.
So, the Democratic Party needs a historic election next year, a blue tidal wave if you will, in order to solidify its significance to the rest of the nation. Post-Watergate midterms in 1974 saw Democrats win 49 House seats and a massive majority in the Senate. But who are we kidding? Hillary Clinton destroyed the party last year by stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders, who the liberal grassroots really wanted as their candidate.
The Democratic Party, in 2017, is in a “state of disarray and dysfunction,” according to O’Hehir, landing them nowhere near capable of pulling off that kind of massive victory.
I wonder how Republicans will squander this opportunity to prove they can be the party that can govern and promote exponential economic growth?
In conclusion, the Democrats have “no clear sense of mission and no coherent national message, except that it is not the party of Donald Trump. I can understand the appeal of that message, the longing for a return to normalcy, calm and order that it embodies,” but, as O’Hehir points out, “that’s not enough.”
Even Salon.com acknowledges the political reality across America at the moment. Wouldn’t it be nice if our cable news shows and national publications also soberly discussed what is possible and what is actually occurring at the moment?
They’re too busy pushing the Trump-is-deranged-and-in-over-his-head narrative to be bothered to talk about how doomed the Democratic Party is at the moment.

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  1. Not happening…good luck with that so called wave, its looking more and more like Algae..The left have over exposed themselves for who and what they truly are…Racist, American Hating retards.

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