Even SF residents sick of liberal reforms

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To put it mildly, things haven’t been going well in Nancy Pelosi’s home stomping grounds of San Francisco. The homelessness plague is out of control and crime has been on the rise in ways that even the most liberal and forgiving residents can no longer ignore.

The problem was compounded in multiple ways when Chesa Boudin was elected to be the District Attorney after running on a platform of getting rid of the police and promising to not prosecute “smaller crimes.” (Boudin is now facing a recall election.) The filth and the property crime are driving some people to look for a way out and flee the city.

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The Associated Press talked to several such beleaguered residents recently and heard horror stories that are increasingly familiar. One of those is Caitlin Foster, the manager of a bar in the formerly upscale Hayes Valley neighborhood. She moved to San Francisco …


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