Even though I got the booster I still refuse vaccine mandates and refuse to treat the unvaccinated any less of a person than I am

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by PlayfulTitan18

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I had to get the booster lately because it was a decision whether to get it or be homeless. I got let go from my job a few months ago and my household used that against me to get me boosted. Saying that I either needed to get boosted or I would be kicked out with nothing and in January of all months (cold weather up here in the Northeast). Nevertheless I absolutely still refuse to use it to get a job that requires it. I refuse to show my card if a business makes me show it even as a customer. I will continue to stand up for the folks who aren’t vaccinated because at the end of the day we are all human and we should be there for each other regardless of what someone has or doesn’t have. If you are to scared to live your life and avoid people that isn’t living. At the end of the day we should be treating each other with respect regardless of ones choices. I refuse to believe that someone making the decision to not get vaccinated is hurting people. Yes the virus is still spreading from them, but it’s still spreading from the vaccinated to. We live in a country where people should be able to make their own choices and we should respect it. Sadly we now live in a society where everyone wants to know your medical information. People now want to force you to make the tough decision to get vaccinated or have no job. People are now threatening to kick their own friends and or family out of households if they don’t get vaccinated/boosted. It’s a fucked up kind of world we live in nowadays and people seriously need to mind their own fucking business. This pandemic has caused us to become to involved with other people’s lives and that shit needs to stop.


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