“Ever Given” is stuck again – now it’s about money!

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The container ship blocked the Suez Canal for days, then it was freed – but the problem pot is still not allowed to leave the waterway. The “Ever Given” was officially stopped from the canal authorities, because now it’s about the money!

Because of the dispute over damages, the continuation of the “Ever Given” on the Suez Canal could drag on for a long time. The canal authority is demanding compensation of one billion dollars because of the blockade that lasted for days and will only allow the journey to continue once an agreement has been reached. “We put a lot of effort and work into rescuing the ship. We lost income every day. We are entitled to compensation, ”said Usama Rabi, chairman of the canal authority, according to state news site Al-Ahram.

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The “Ever Given” is currently located in the Great Bitter Lake between the northern and southern parts of the Suez Canal. In their request, the authority refers, among other things, to losses of 14 to 15 million dollars per day as well as the days of work with dredgers and tugs to uncover the 400 meter long ship. Rabi said there was cargo worth $ 3.5 billion on board. “We saved the ship and her cargo.”

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