Ever Heard Of The Delaware Valley Intelligence Center Or A RTCC?

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by signorcontino73

Have you ever heard of The Delaware Valley Intelligence Center?

More importantly are the citizens of the Delaware Valley aware they are furtively being surveilled by something called The Delaware Valley Intelligence Center; an arm of the Philadelphia Police Intelligence Bureau, which “is part of the nationwide fusion center network”?

Further, are these taxpayers aware that the same surveillance system being used by The Delaware Valley Intelligence Center was purchased by Communist Red China, and our hated enemy RUSSIA, under a different distributor’s name?

Could the company behind all this, AGT International, be involved with the Clinton Foundation and further; could that same company be in violation of the US International Traffic in Arms Regulations, as laid out in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?

Moreover, are AGT’s expertise (intelligence systems, AI, surveillance systems, thermal cameras, sensors, radars, C4I and cyber warfare systems – the same systems sold to Russia and China) currently being used to surveil the citizens of both countries; as well as to help establish China’s infamous social credit system (Is China’s Social Credit System A Preview Of The Coming “Beast System”? – The Economic Collapse  http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/is-chinas-social-credit-system-a-preview-of-the-coming-beast-system), a manipulative system that’s being used by the Communist Chinese to repress and control the Chinese people?

Lastly, could all these systems be tied together someday, via the Cloud, (the Communist Chinese, the dreaded Russians and the United States surveillance system’s) to form one giant surveillance grid in order to track and spy on the majority of the world’s population?

1.) Gateway Pundit Exclusive: Uncovered FBI/DOJ Coverup of Clinton Foundation and Russian/China Related Crimes – PART I  www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/02/gatewaypundit-exclusive-uncovered-fbi-doj-coverup-of-clinton-foundation-and-russia-china-related-crimes-part-i/

2.) Gateway Pundit Exclusive: Inside the AGT Juggarnaut – FBI/DOJ Coverup of Clinton Foundation and Russian/China Related Crimes – PART II  www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/02/gateway-pundit-exclusive-uncovered-fbi-doj-coverup-of-clinton-foundation-and-russian-china-related-crimes-part-ii/

3.) Delaware Valley Intelligence Center  dvicphila.org/?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1

4.) About DVIC (Delaware Valley Intelligence Center) dvicphila.org/default.aspx?MenuItemID=548&MenuGroup=DVIC+Public+Home

5.) DVIC Area of Operations  dvicphila.org/default.aspx?MenuItemID=794&MenuGroup=DVIC+Public+About+Us

6.) DVIC Area of Operations dvicphila.org/default.aspx?MenuItemID=795&MenuGroup=DVIC+Public+About+Us

From the goals & objective outline of the DVIC:

“Allow local and State public and private agencies, as well as the federal sector, to better forecast and identify emerging crime and hazard trends…”


Private agencies? Public funds for Private agencies? I wonder who those private agencies might be?


In part 4 of the Gateway Pundit’s exposé, which discusses the Delaware Valley Intelligence Center, (link enclosed below) we’re given the following information: 

“In 2014, while AGT was actively selling its RTCC products worldwide, three of its executives, Jason Stark, Geoffrey Baird, and Zvi Moskowitz visited the DVIC in Philadelphia in order to collect intelligence and operational information about the secure site.  This visit was arranged and scheduled via back channels.”
“Per the details of their meeting invite, these AGT top executives were to call an individual by the name of Justin Frank as soon as they approached the DVIC facility.”

“From his LinkedIn page, Frank is a detective at the Philadelphia Police Department and he also works for a company called Intuidex.“In Frank’s second job at Intuidex, he deals in cyber security analytics (note that the phone number is the same as the number in the meeting invite above)…”

See also  DOJ Allows Three U.S. Intelligence Contractors To Pay Their Way Out of Criminal Charges After Being Caught Working With Foreign Government To Hack U.S. Cell Phone Systems

“The DVIC that these individuals wanted to visit is a secure location that permits only US citizens with special permits to enter. The DVIC tracks and maintains information that is top secret including intercepts and files on terrorism, gangs, etc. Its functionality is described as…


The DVIC is home to the Real Time Crime Center (RTCC), an innovative unit that provides real time analytical and investigative support to the Philadelphia Police Department.  Video feeds from city of Philadelphia, SEPTA, and independent businesses cameras are available for monitoring around the clock, by staff in the Real Time Crime Center. The RTCC also processes crime tips that are sent in by members of the public.”

“The DVIC provides a centralized, multi-agency intelligence-sharing network.  This fusion center enhances the effectiveness of the agencies, organizations and community partners involved in hazard-prevention activities.”


“The startling observation of the visit to the DVIC by the group from AGT is that this group appeared to circumvent the procedures in place to prevent illegal entry to the site.  This is evident from the visit scheduling details.  The parties involved utilized private email communications to workout the details, and curtailed official vetting, approval, and background checks, which apparently were never conducted.”

“Baird and reportedly Moshkovitz were not US citizens.  For them to enter the DVIC facility an enormous amount of checks and verifications were to take place but there is no evidence that these activities took place.”

“Also, from the information collected and subsequent discussions among the AGT International management, it is clear that the purpose of these visits was to extract high value intelligence and operational data and then use it for financial gain and sell it or exchange it abroad. These actions were in the least suspect but probably criminal.”

How to Buy Your Way Into a Top Secret US Government Intel Facility – FBI/DOJ Coverup of Clinton Foundation Connected AGT – PART IV www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/02/how-to-buy-your-way-into-a-top-secret-us-government-intel-facility-fbi-doj-coverup-of-clinton-foundation-connected-agt-part-iv/)

Delaware Valley Intelligence Center | Philadelphia Police Department  www.phillypolice.com/units/dvic/

See also  DOJ Allows Three U.S. Intelligence Contractors To Pay Their Way Out of Criminal Charges After Being Caught Working With Foreign Government To Hack U.S. Cell Phone Systems


So, let’s summarize.
There’s a furtive surveillance agency (the DVIC) that monitors Delaware Valley and southeastern Pennsylvania taxpayers 24/7 365, that’s funded with public dollars; which then provides intelligence services and analytics to the Philadelphia Police Department using video feeds from the city of Philadelphia, the South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) and the cameras of independent (privately sector?) businesses. The DVIC also tracks and maintains information that is top secret including intercepts.  (Did I get that right?)
The DVIC is also called (or closely affiliated with in some manner?) the RTCC (the Real Time Crime Center). The RTCC allegedly processes crime tips from the public (most of whom who have never heard of the Real Time Crime Center). The DVIC, thereafter, provides a “centralized, multi-agency intelligence sharing network” (what agencies constitute “their network” they don’t specifically note).  (Did I get that right?)
This fusion center (the DVIC/RTCC?) enhances the effectiveness (how this “effectiveness” is enhanced, and in what ways it enhances, they don’t define) of the agencies, organizations and community partners (community partners… who might they be?) in hazard-prevention activities (hazard-prevention activities… and what exactly constitutes a “hazard-prevention activity”?).  (Did I get that right?)
Well, I’m glad the DVIC made all their work so transparent and easy to understand; local, national, international, PPD, DOJ, Fusion Centers, citizen tips to top secret intercepts…. It’s all clear now.
Something stinks here, and the taxpayers need to get to the bottom of it ASAP.
PS: Oh, and it turns out that these RTCCs appear to be the brainchild of the DOJ, and are located not just in southeastern Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) but throughout the United States of America in almost every major metropolitan area! 
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5.) Mission Of A RTCC – MissionofaRTCC.pdf  it.ojp.gov/CAT/Documents/MissionofaRTCC.pdf



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