Ever notice how Leftists know absolutely NOTHING about life outside of America?

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by ElvesAndGoblins

So, I was talking to a friend from work and he started ranting about slavery in the US and how the US is just *the worst* for having slavery for so long.

I asked him if he knew that slavery was still a very common practice in arabic countries and in Africa. The look on his face was priceless.

The guy’s a smart person in about 90% of situations, but he’s got a huge glaring hole in his perspective that baffles me.

I spent a few years working with african migrants to Canada and they had really interesting stories about their lives and families. One explained to me how his uncle was his dad’s slave and that it was a pretty common practice.

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Well, this very same guy got yelled at by a white woman for being “far right” when he said slavery in Canada and the US weren’t as bad as slavery in Africa.

I see a lot of “no us vs them” and “bridge the divide” talks, but honestly, how in the world are you supposed to have an honest discussion with someone who doesn’t even know anything outside of America?

Leftists: Think that everything wrong with the world comes from the West.

Rightoids: Think that everyone can be good or bad.

There’s no real compromise here. Best we can do is try to teach those who don’t know these things.

But guess how it ends? That friend from work? No longer a friend.

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