Every government order against gathering together has been unconstitutional

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The 1st Amendment to the US Constitution enshrines the natural right to peaceably assemble. Period. There is no provision, exception, or alteration to this rule. It doesn’t say “you can only assemble if academic scientists say that it’s safe to do so,” or “you can only assemble if your local magistrate allows you to.”

Peaceable assembly includes but is not limited to:

– Shopping at a store
– Gathering for a party
– Eating at a restaurant with friends
– Working together in a factory
– Protesting
– Gathering for worship
– Drinking beers with your buddies on a boat
– Laying on the beach

Virtually all US State constitutions re-assert and further guarantee the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution also.

These governors and mayors know what they have done is unconstitutional. They need to pay for what they’ve done in the name of fake predictions and models from the same people that gave us climate change models: Academics with a political agenda.


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