Every single ‘Monetized’ Youtuber is about to go down HARD, due to Google’s new $100 Million Dollar Content-ID System.

via GLP:

So basically, I have some experience with video making, but I have only ever done it for artistic fun and time wasting. The idea of making money off of artistic pissing in the wind seemed absurd to me, just like Bitcoin, which also conned many and resulted in big time money loss expenditures for the majority who got into it. Only the few came out on top.

Here’s the story, this new $100 Million Dollar Content-ID system that Google has implemented is due to the fact that they had to pay out 3 BILLION dollars to the respective owners of the original content that ‘users’ were utilizing in their videos, and this includes people who had their content used by those not even monetized, and just making videos for fun, or to get the word out about some political matter. In legal speak, it’s called ‘Infringement’ even just using 1 second of the content.

This Content ID system is so efficient, that it will block your video worldwide for just using 1-3 seconds of a song or video owned by someone else, without the proper licensing and a whole bunch of other legal documentation concerning what you’re uploading, and what type of content it contains.

Youtube/Google is going to make the future of Video Uploading completely out of the logistical and financial means of the average man, making only the top Elite themselves the masters of this format.

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The days of all of the people who thought they were going to make a living off being a Youtube video maker/Streamer are OVER. Things have obviously become very serious now for the Elite at Google, and they’re out to get a big return on their very significant losses.(Over 3 Billion in losses)

Essentially, if you’re some individual out there who has high hopes to become a Monetized Youtube Star, not only are you going to have to provide all of your own video, right down to the last pixel, but you’ll also need to provide your own MUSIC, which means you’ll have to make it yourself. (Not everyone uses music, but upwards of 70% do)

Typically, a Youtuber will use clips, both intros and outros, that rely on the music of others and sometimes the video as well. That’s all coming to an end.

So now, you’re forced to become a musician, just for the Intro/Outro and even mid point of your Video. This brings to light another issue, people stealing YOUR unique content, if you didn’t get it licensed properly and put into the Content-ID database.

Then there is the actual Video itself, and what you’re displaying. At this point, if it’s anything other than you playing some video game (Which also may enter the Content-ID system without the proper license) then you are absolutely fucked, and even then, don’t expect to make any money.

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People like the Gun guys who purely shows off new weaponry and themselves firing it, will be fine, and will still get Monetized. This thread pertains to all of the other subjects that people make videos on.

If you look into this issue, many of the very big Youtubers, with Tens of Millions of views, are having their videos PULLED WORLWIDE, because they used 1-3 second clips of someone else’s work. The majority of Youtubers have used many minutes of content owned by others.

The Hammer is dropping right now. If you were dumb enough to think this would be an efficient way of making a life for yourself, you thought wrong.

Some of you ‘Monetized’ individuals can also expect Major Lawsuits too, going up against Company Lawyers that don’t lose.

They’re going to take every penny back, and they’ve invested a lot of money to do it, and they’ve paid out to the rightful owners of the content used by millions of uploaders, even more. $3 Billion Dollars is a lot of money to have to pay, just because some person signed up for your website and used someone else’s content.

They are PISSED, and out for blood.


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