Everything is falling apart and everyone is rotten to each other.

by goodthingshappening

A lot of people are thinking these things. It’s becoming daunting to be alive.

This is not a complaint. Nor is this is supposed to be a “we need to” blah blah sermon.

It’s more of a reminder that there is an immense amount of hope.

Group identity is being propagated throughout the media and the end desired result is a human being who feels powerless in his or her individual connection to the cosmos.


But there’s a great secret to this. A way out.

That is the golden rule. Simply beautifying and improving the world in spite of pessimism and cynicism. In spite of sarcasm. If someone is bitter with us we can pray for them. Do something nice. Something embarrassing and cringy nice.

We can make this world as cringe as possible with unsolicited politeness and acceptance. We do this as individuals and not groups.

As self recognized individuals it’s our responsibility to be leaders and do this in an unsolicited way.

Expecting nothing in return, except the ability and privilege of witnessing ourselves doing it.

The universe is intelligent and loving. It is also conscious. There is proof of this.

Scientifically there is no part of you that is separate from all existence (the food you eat, the water you drink, your metabolism). That means you are the universe just as much as a wave is the ocean. A wave can reflect other waves. There’s no separation between you and the universe, this includes your consciousness and your identity.

Thus the universe is conscious. Your consciousness is the universe being conscious. You’ve just labeled it as a powerless identity pushed around by the past.

God’s love is your responsibility as an infinite point of view in the universe.




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