Everything Points To Deliberately Manufactured Societal Breakdown

by Dogsbollocks

Think differently ?,then try and convince me otherwise.

US, and Australia, are full steam ahead with pissing of the masses. going for it on Steroids.

US has all but confirmed this week there is a 2 class justice system. Allowing Blacks to openly have gun fights on US streets. Shoplifting legalized. There is going to be a full breakdown of law and order on the horizon,it is so fucked up.

Australian has turned in to a fucked up dystopian Prison literally over night. No one in their right mind wants to go there any more. Police have full on metamorphized in to the SS.

Here in UK it is all a bit more subtle. But heading in the exact same direction. Fuel, food, shortages. This Winter we are more than likely going to see blackouts ,reason being Gas, electricity shortages. WTF happened ?

It is like we have returned to the economic chaos of the 1970s.And i feel all of it is deliberate.

Remember this from 2010 :.

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I don’t even think the Vaccine is about the Vaccine any more. I think it has more to do with Jack Boot Politics. Psychopathic Politicians wanting full compliance and control of the masses. The unvaccinated are being viewed as dangerous “free thinkers”, non compliers. A danger to the bigger communist plan of full societal control.We are heading at an alarming rate to “Comply or die”.

It is going to be a bleak winter. I think we are heading to a tipping point. Where people say enough is enough.

It is all so depressing.

When Trump became POTUS i thought real change was on the horizon.

When the Penny dropped Trump was part of the problem. I knew then there was no way back for us.

Democrats are going to destroy United States for their Masters. Then bring in the UN, reformat United States in to a Commie utopia. New Flag, the lot.

I am not stupid ,I know United Kingdom will go the same way after the United States.




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