Everything that is presented to us is made to prevent us from being one with all in the present moment. An effort to stall humanity/ use for another purpose.

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by thealiensarejealous
The life we know is absurd. There are so many contradictory things presented to us in a pathetic attempt, although bold, to stall or remove the human ability to observe and examine the universe and how we relate with it. Whoever is doing it is debatable but it doesn’t matter. They have no power until we relinquish our minds to them, so don’t.
Before watching internet tv to relax, remember who it is that brought it to you. All these mediocre shows that we’ve seen before or aren’t really interesting anymore.. the novelty is wearing off. The internet is being used as the main conditioning platform now. I’m experiencing this as much as anyone else and it is challenging to break the habit. When I do though, and decide to meditate instead, I remember how my mind is infinitely more interesting and satisfying than dumb comedy shows/ documentaries. The meditation then leads to better overall decisions for my health which leads to more meditation etc.
Unfortunately, like an addict, I eventually return to the internet/ tv and see if it will satisfy me. This then leads to worse decisions for my health and more internet etc. It’s the death/ rebirth cycle as seen in buddhism and other religions.
I’ve had fleeting moments of transcendence in my head that lead me to believe that we have the potential to surpass our current existence. You’ve likely had similar things happen, in dreams or when going to sleep. It’s likely our “attachments” that hold us back. Something always breaks the concentration like remembering who we are or what we did that day or whatever. There’s a definite feeling of something more, something within reach.
As many of us know by now, the conditioning process uses chemicals in addition to the programming. Our pineal gland is being massacred and our bodily health is mediocre overall. We’re largely malnourished and, although there are lot’s of people going to the gym, we’re largely weak willed. Some think they aren’t weak by acting tough and hard on people, but to me someone who acts above others is a weak minded person. Some may disagree, but I’m just stating what I see. All of this is evidence of tampering with human biology through the food, water, air etc.
Even with all the toxicity in society, we are still somewhat able to comprehend things that can’t properly be put into words. As above so below they say. If this is true, then the ultimate form of the universe, or “god”, is likely similar to what we are. If that’s true, then the universe has things like an “immune system” and protective actions to prevent disruption and ailment. As we see in our lives, immune systems work, but at times there is a lengthy recovery period when a virus comes in. To me that is the state we’re in currently. There is some sort of virus that is wreaking havoc, but you can see at the same time that people are attempting to stop it like antibodies. Some people are infected, others are attempting to heal.
Ultimately, self awareness and meditation is the best way to heal from this. Awareness of your surroundings, your food/ water, your mental state and also discipline over bad habits is the key. It is very hard because those infected with the virus (or prolonged conditioning) not only don’t necessarily want to be healed, but they want to infect you as well.
Our mental state is very important in this as well. Negative outlook weakens us further and makes us more susceptible to infection. This is also why everything that is presented to us has some sort of negative connotation to it. It doesn’t matter what the connotation is or even what is presented, but what matters is the feeling you get inside. When I look for things on the internet, I often see things that people or bots say that makes me feel angry. Anger leads to wanting to satisfy an urge and this leads to the “death spiral.”
This ongoing cycle in our mind is what keeps us at a halt in any kind of human “progress” (although progress can mean many things). To me, it stops us from transcending past this petty and wasteful lifestyle to one where we can be aware of all of this on a collective level and therefore lead healthier lives and flourish on this amazing gift of a planet.

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