Everything Trump Said About Obama-era Illegal FBI Surveillance Was Correct! Here’s the Truth about the Second FISA Memo

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by Chris Black

Let me begin this article with a joke about something that actually occurred very recently in the greatest country in the world: Question: What happens to the FBI when they lie in court to a judge? The answer: Pay raise and promotion if they get away with it, full retirement if they get caught. Now, getting back to our news-story, two notorious Democrat Senators, Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley respectively, recently produced a second Senate-memo, which came as a counter-response/counter-attack of sorts to David Nunes’ now-famous FISA memo, which describes the immense corruption in Obama’s FBI and DOJ, with FBI agents illegally obtaining surveillance mandates to spy on US citizens by lying to judges and intentionally using spurious/tainted/planted/corrupted evidence.
The thing is, Nunes’ memo stole the show, as it was well received by conservative media, and it’s still discussed on Fox News daily, to give you just one example, with many Democrats/MSM pundits claiming that it was nothing more than a dud or a nothing-burger. Enter the second bombshell FISA memo, this time completely ignored by the mainstream media, and here’s Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel making a number of very interesting points via a Twitter storm on Wednesday. I’d strongly suggest you to first read the Democrat FISA memo for yourselves to make up your own mind, then proceed with the speculations:

Now, the next question is: does Kimberley has a point? Well, the Grassley/Graham second memo is actually a bigger deal than the initial FISA memo by House Intelligence Chair David Nunes, as it basically corroborates the former’s allegations. For example, if you read the Democrat memo, you’ll see that Obama’s Department of Justice relied heavily on the spurious Christopher Steele so-called dossier to get a FISA warrant against Carter Page, Trump’s former adviser. The relevant bits of the memo with regard to how much the DOJ relied on the “dossier” to gain the FISA surveillance warrant are here and here, courtesy of Hot Air. Moreover, the  Grassley/Graham second FISA memo claims (it’s an educated claim based on intelligence) that the FBI knew the Steele dossier to be salacious and unreliable (James Comey said it himself), because the former MI6 operative was caught lying previously to British courts and to the FBI, yet the FISA judge who approved the surveillance on Trump team adviser Carter Page was kept in the dark about this issue, i.e.  about the unreliability of the dossier which served as a central basis for the surveillance warrant.
It’s looking more and more like illegal spying on a US citizen and attempted entrapment by the FBI, all arranged by the Clinton Crime Syndicate. I’m old enough to remember when honest Democrats used to be against that sort of thing. But that was before all red-diaper-doper-babies turned into Marxists. The only thing President Trump is guilty of is pathological “trolling,” though. And you leftist bite hard every time.
There’s only a few people who know exactly what’s in the two FISA applications. But I’m assuming that President Trump (or more exactly, very selected people in the White House) are among those who know. I’m waiting for Trump to “yield” and release the applications, complete and without redacting, in the name of “transparency”. It’d be yuge! Trump is the one person who can declassify anything.
Go for it, Donald. It’ll be the most entertaining thing we’ll see this decade.
Here’s a quick reminder about how the Russia-Trump conspiracy started:


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3 thoughts on “Everything Trump Said About Obama-era Illegal FBI Surveillance Was Correct! Here’s the Truth about the Second FISA Memo

  1. And da Donkeys used to be the ones always worried about the protection of personal info. When will the indictments come down!

  2. Correction: Lindsey Graham is not a “notorious Democrat Senator” — he, along with McCain and the Bushs, is the best proof that the corruption resides on both sides of the aisle.
    One more thing to wonder about: If the Grassley/Graham memo essentially proves the Nunes memo, why did Trump block its release? There must be something else in there.

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