Executive Orders: Two from Trump and one from Obama that will become relevant soon…

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by bgny


Trump’s Executive Order of December 2017 declares a national emergency due to the “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the US.” It allows the confiscation of property of persons involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption.

A second Executive Order on March 1, 2018, grants the federal government the right to prosecute treason by civilians via military tribunals. The beauty of military trials is that they bypass any corruption within the civilian court system.

Barack Obama signed an Executive Order July 6, 2012, granting the president absolute power and control over all US media- including Facebook, Twitter, and others-in the event of a national crisis. His EO updates the Communications Act of 1934, dissolving the National Communications System, establishing an executive committee in its place, and placing it under Homeland Security. I bet he thought it would be Hillary, not Donald Trump, executing this EO.

Nothing can stop what’s coming. Enjoy the show.



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