Exit polls show elections rigged

Vote suppression www.wfaa.com/amp/article/news/politics/dallas-county-asks-to-recount-election-after-44-thumb-drives-discovered/287-84e19400-81bc-4256-bcb3-e25df380d699?__twitter_impression=true




Back in 2004 when exit polls differed from vote count in Ohio, people said exit polls didnt matter but experts actually trust exit polls more than the actual vote count. Exit polls are vetted, reliable, transparent. So Kerry in fact won the election and should have been President. For how the actual vote hacking occurred on Ohio see this video at 23:00. youtu.be/tBpSejHAI5U System was never fixed… And voter security software is marketed by people with conflicts of interest.. See Bill Gates (Epstein associate, Clinton Foundation donor whose billions in donations werent actually tax deductable and only Clinton goons are holding up penalties. Check these guys out you can find longer vids youtu.be/HqwBIA5pCWI )


h/t HyperNormie