$EXPE is Due for $MSFT Type Run

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by 23therealme23

DD Update 1 —

Look who picked up a bunch of shares… maybe they know something 🧐🧐


Original DD —

Just jumped in on $EXPE. Out of $SPCE and $MSFT which I jumped in on about a month ago. Check my comment history. Proof of positions—



  1. Listen to their latest earnings call and tell me otherwise — Link to Earnings Call
  2. They fired their whole management team which is why it dipped from $140ish a few months ago and things are better now than they were when it was trading around $140
  3. Barry Diller is running the company now and after listening to the earnings call I concluded that Barry is the man that will take this to the moon
  4. They guided double digit EBITDA growth even after taking into consideration impacts of virus
  5. Chairman Barry Diller and Vice Chairman Peter Kern LOADED up on shares
  6. On the earnings call they literally said they believe the stonk is significantly undervalued and that they will use any cash flow they have to buy back shares
  7. They said the prior management team made the company “fat” and that they expect $300-$500 million in cost savings
  8. Based on the best comp $BKNG and the multiples it’s trading at $EXPE has at least 50%-75% to run IMO to get to same valuation levels. $BKNG NTM EBITDA multiple is 14x. $EXPE is 8x.
  9. It’s significantly lagging the S&P over past year
  10. Coronavirus fear has beat this down as well and that fear will fade
  11. Economy good means people will travel more
  12. Potential acquisition candidate at these low valuations levels (jackpot scenario)
  13. Call premiums are cheap right now
  14. Barry Diller is the man and I’m riding this thing with him

Wish me luck autists.



Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.


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