Expect to pay more for Christmas trees

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Brookside Toy & Science owner Holly Pollard discusses the impact of inflation on business on ‘Fox Business Tonight’ Add Christmas trees to the list of items facing shortages and higher prices this year.

Several factors are driving the trend, Newsday reported, including over-the-top sales last year during the first Christmas during the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain issues this year.

Experts said tree buyers should expect to pay between 10% and 30% more for both live trees and artificial trees this year and also have a smaller selection to choose from.“Prices have gone up significantly,” John Mohlenhoff, secretary of the hook and ladder company for the Huntington fire department, told the newspaper. “We’ve had to compromise on what types of trees we’re getting, sizes, everything.”

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The Huntington fire department sold out its trees in 48 hours last year in what is normally a week-long fundraising sale, Mohlenhoff said. This year, prices have been raised about $5, the first time that’s been done in a decade. The department has had to pay higher prices to the farm in Pennsylvania that supplies the trees. Darts C …



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