EXPOSED: The Media Wants You To Feel Sorry For This Illegal Immigrant Mother — Tucker Tells The Real Story Behind Her Arrest

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The video shows a woman being pulled away from her three screaming daughters as ICE orders her to get into a van. Media outlets ran with the “upsetting” video, focusing their headlines on the idea that the woman was unfairly being taken from her kids.
The Washington Post, for example, wrote, “Dramatic video shows Border Patrol agents pulling woman away from her screaming children,” while the Los Angeles Times said, “Video of woman being pulled away from her daughters in immigration arrest sparks anger.”

CBS News similarly claimed, “Video of woman’s immigration arrest sparks outcry, response from Border Patrol.”
However, there is much more to the story than what is shown in the video.
As Carlson reported on his show, the ICE agents made a targeted arrest based on suspicions that the woman was involved in a human trafficking ring.
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10 thoughts on “EXPOSED: The Media Wants You To Feel Sorry For This Illegal Immigrant Mother — Tucker Tells The Real Story Behind Her Arrest

  1. Upsetting that she has to be a drama queen. Hope she is deported. Illegal is illegal. Not fair to US citizens or immigrants that come LAWFULLY. No matter. She will be back in Cali hidden under a load of cantaloupe in no time.

  2. And the problem is?!!! There is no way this woman would have voluntarily surrendered!!1 I believe that all of this was staged to feed into the propaganda of the poor illegal alien whose only crime was seeking a better life!
    Oh, and to the sobbing “kids”. Hey, go with her, we will not stop you!!!!
    To illegal aliens all over the world, stop putting your babies before the camera or crying children dragging at your feet, we’re over this now! No one talks about the cost we’ve born for the better life people at our expense!
    Lastly, have you ever heard an illegal alien, including the DACA brats, say ‘Thank you, America”? No you haven’t!!!! Just more, more MORE! Until they suck us dry!!!!!

    • That’s just what the deep state wants. Saw a video the other day where a U.S. General stated they have to protect the American people, well when is he going to stop the CIA from bringing drugs into this country, stop illegals, stop drug gangs from Mexico, stop the people who are killing the cancer researchers, stop home grown communist and stop israel from blackmailing or buy off our politicians?

      • You just made a new definition of a “Dreamer”. Not cutting you down. The system is f*ke’d because of CIA/DEA/FBI/TSA and all the other ABC dark drug $.

  3. Illegal is illegal…and they should ALL quake in their boots waiting for ICE to come and get them…… Let the entire family get deported so they’ll have some relatives in Mexico when they get there….

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