EXTENDED LOCKDOWNS ARE SUCH A BAD IDEA EVEN THE W.H.O. HAS DENOUNCED THEM: Philadelphia study links COVID-19 lockdowns, gun violence spike.

After the coronavirus pandemic forced the city of Philadelphia to go into lockdown, gun violence rapidly escalated, a new study finds.

It’s known that many U.S. cities saw a spike in gun violence in 2020, a year marked not only by the pandemic but also widespread protests following the police killing of George Floyd.

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In the new study, researchers found that after Philadelphia closed non-essential businesses in March, there was a substantial, sustained increase in gun violence over the following months.

There was no clear decrease, however, once restrictions were partially lifted, nor any obvious acceleration after the Floyd killing.

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The findings suggest that COVID-19 shutdowns spurred the surge in violence, possibly by worsening unemployment and distress in Philadelphia’s poorest neighborhoods, the researchers said.



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