Extremely Urgent Alert! Death threat & Public Executions PROMISED to Anti Vaxxer Speaker at large Autism Event

Be sure you watch this in full!! Do you see how crazy & deranged these people actually are! NO WONDER almost 100 Holistic Dr’s have been MURDERED!
Please- Send this to anyone you know that may be planning on attending the event & tell them to make sure they are strapped , locked & loaded.
Vaccine pushers are now resorting to extreme threats of violence and mass shootings to try to silence vaccine truth researchers, authors and lecturers. In the last 48 hours, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, creator of the Honesty vs. Policy presentation and author of Dissolving Illusions — which expertly dismantles the primary myths of the pseudoscience vaccine industry — received a shockingly detailed death threat that promises a “suicide mission” mass shooting at a public autism event. Full transcript of the letter is published at NaturalNews.com
h/t Just Trina