FAA Issues Expanded Safety Warning About 5G Rollout Over “Numerous” Safety Concerns

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Here’s a headline that’s sure to get the conspiracy theorists going: the FAA has just issued an expanded safety warning about the possibility that Verzion and AT&T’s imminent decision to turn on more 5G wireless spectrum could interfere with airplane communications as the battle to slow the rollout intensifies.

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It comes as the transition to 5G spectrum for smartphone users, who have become ubiquitous, continues. Verizon and AT&T have already delayed the rollout of new C-band spectrum after being asked by the FAA, but they’re growing impatient and worried about falling behind Europe and (more importantly) China. The FCC has approved of turning on the spectrum, but some within the FAA still feel it could potentially interfere with plane’s altimeters, a prospect that should terrify anybody who flies.



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