Fabricated pedophilia-cases as a political/social weapon?

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by Sanjuras

Ever since Julian Assange made his revelations of US war crimes and was accused for pedophilia shortly after I’ve been been in alert with the pedophilia-accusations. While I no moment believe that Assange had anything going on with kids, let’s admit it, if someone gets convicted for pedophilia it’s game over.

Mike Tyson even got (socially) away with a rape, but if he had been a pedophile instead, he would have been stabbed to death already in prison. You don’t want to associate any way with a pedophile, and surely you don’t want to believe a word a pedophile says. You don’t want them working even on a local store – 99% of people just want the pedophiles away from all the civilization, and often castrated, if not dead.

The only reason that anyone believed Assange is because he striked first, and the accusations came after. Can you even imagine Assange trying to publish “SHOCKING TRUTH OF US MILITARY” when he is being trialed for luring 8 year old kids to his home?

Now while I don’t claim that there aren’t real pedophilia amongst the politicians/other influential people, I must ask if all of these pedophilia-cases are actually legitimate? One weird detail seems to be very common amongst these cases: pedophilia-related emails/possession of child pornography. These are fucking child’s play to fabricate, yet after someone gets caught for emailing/chatting about fucking children, it triggers so absolute disgust that no-one even wants to think the person being innocent no more.

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let’s take just one step backwards – who the fuck talks about committing the most horrific and loathed crime via internet in the first place? EVERYONE today knows how easily computers get affected by viruses that aren’t even visible to the owner, so it’s wear the seatbelt when driving-level of precaution to stfu even about the smallest crimes, such as selling illegal weed or so. so how in the world assumably above average-intelligent politicians/influentals who KNOW that they have powerful enemies would actually be so fucking suicidal to talk about their pedophilia via internet or hide child porn on their PC/homes?

however this still seems to be the physical evidence (often the only hard evidence as well) for their child abuse. isn’t this kind of weird? What if these seemingly sudden pedophilia-cases are actually preemptive strikes against political enemies who are about to make something so big that they just need to be erased from the picture?

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don’t slip poison to his drink – just slip some child porn to his apartment or fabricate a child abuse conversation in his name. Please do remember that these people have millions of money and shitload of influence to hire the best programming/computer experts to fabricate evidence that really holds in court.

Personally I’d think that false pedophilia-accusations would be the perfect social weapon to erase anyone unwanted permanently from the picture. Send a child molester to prison and he’ll be shanked in a week, and if he ever manages to survive the moral justice of the inmates he’ll face a world where NO-ONE wants to even hear about him until his obituary on the newspaper. Succesfully fabricate your enemy for pedophilia and he’ll be absolutely fucking gone, forever.

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