Facebook Bans the Phrase STOP the STEAL to Protect Biden’s Inauguration

By Chris Black

And now you know why there has been a push to have all of the digital services live “in the cloud” instead of companies and people owning their own infrastructure

Facebook bans “potentially violent content” “Stop the Steal” before Inauguration Day on January 20, including a temporary large-scale ban on phrases associated with the MAGA crowd that stormed the Capitol building on January 6th. The policy, detailed in a post published Monday by Facebook Vice Presidents Guy Rosen and Monika Bickert (check the early life section), includes any content that contains the words “Stop the Steal”.


Facebook will begin removing all content that mentions the phrase “stop the steal,” a full 69 days after Election Day.

The social media giant said in a blog post that it will ramp up enforcement against the phrase because it was used by those who participated in last week’s riots at the US Capitol.


In addition to the “indefinite suspension” of President Trump’s account announced Thursday, Facebook maintains a temporary ban on any U.S. political advertising and “connects people with reliable information and high-quality news about the inauguration and transition process.”

“After the inauguration, our label for posts trying to delegitimize election results will reflect that Joe Biden is the president,” Bickert and Rosen wrote.

“Stop the Steal” was a hashtag used by Trump supporters to question the election results and challenge the fraud by which Biden won key states. 

So basically, it’s illegal for anyone to say that the election was stolen, or to support Donald Trump in any way.

That is what blanket social media bans are: making speech de facto illegal.

They told you the slippery slope was a fallacy.

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Sky News:

Facebook is banning all QAnon conspiracy theory groups after classifying them as dangerous due to a surge of online misinformation.

QAnon – a far-right conspiracy theory – alleges that President Donald Trump is a secret warrior against a supposed child-trafficking ring run by celebrities and government officials. No part of the theory is based on fact.

French politicians side with Donald Trump, the incumbent US president, in the context in which he was excluded from social networks after the violence that took place in the US Congress. Big names across the political spectrum in the Hexagon have criticized the decisions of online giants to suspend Donald Trump’s accounts. Such measures have so far been taken by Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitch.

French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said he was “shocked” that Twitter had decided to close Trump’s account. The Paris government official considers that such a decision does not belong to a private company and denounces a “digital oligarchy” that threatens democracies.

“The digital oligarchy is one of the threats looming over states and democracies,” said Bruno Le Maire. Such regulations are necessary, but should belong to the sovereign people, the state and the judiciary, said the French finance minister, according to francetvinfo.fr.

A similar reaction came from European Commissioner Thierry Breton. He expressed “perplexity” over the decisions of the online giants. For his part, the French government spokesman said there must be clear criteria for such decisions. Marine Le Pen, president of the National Assembly, spoke of a “seizure of power” by “large private groups who now believe they have more power than a state, which is probably true.

The truth is this: Trump talked about this happening before he was even elected in 2016. If the last 4 years was really wasted for nothing, then he essentially lubed up all of our collective assholes and delivered them on a silver platter to those who are going to have their way with us.

If this is really what took place, then it is not a steal, and it will be very much deserved.

PS: did you see this?


Deutsche Bank will not do business in the future with U.S. President Donald Trump or his companies in the wake of his supporters’ assault on the U.S. Capitol, the New York Times reported.



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