Facebook Connecting Terrorists Worldwide Study Finds

by Chris Black

If you’re old school like yours truly, you’re probably remembering that old marketing slogan: Nokia, connecting people. Even if the Finnish company is not a big-tech top-dog anymore, Facebook is still here, bigger and stronger than ever apparently, and according to a recent study, that old Nokia slogan can be now applied to Mark Zuckerberg’s company, but with an interesting and funny twist: Facebook is connecting terrorists, literally, worldwide.  Unfortunately, this is not a joke, but the hard reality of social media nowadays. The same social media that is obsessed with political correctness, multiculturalism and “hate speech” is also a boon for Islamic terrorist cells. How does it work exactly? Well, according to the Counter Terrorism Project study, the “suggested friends” feature on Zuckerberg’s platform is used for bringing thousands of potential terrorists/extremists together, to “meet and greet”, i.e. to built new networks, share intel and to connect over the internet.  The study focused on over one thousand ISIS supporters in 96 countries, and analyzed their Facebook habits. To no one’s surprise really, it was revealed that Islamic terrorists are routinely using social media (like Facebook and Twitter) to meet others and exchange information and what not. Just like any other technology, Facebook can be used for good and evil, i.e. it can be a benefit or a hazard. In Facebook’s particular case, the “suggested friends” feature works by bringing together people residing (usually) in the same geographical area, who are sharing the same interests and works, you know the drill. Now, if your interest is ISIS and similar stuff (as in you gave likes to Islamic propaganda Facebook pages and websites, you’re in hardcore Islamic Facebook groups, you liked the Koran, Mohamed, FARSI News, ISIS’ official Facebook page etc), Facebook’s “uber smart” algorithms will suggest you to connect to the closest jihadist  in the neighborhood, because after all, people who share the same world view and the same interests should be friends, right? All that’s required for Facebook to literally bombard you with suggestions to become friends with unsavory Islamic terrorist/extremist characters on their platform is to have just one friend who falls into this category, even if you’re not even aware of having such Facebook acquaintances. Now, Facebook claims to have a zero tolerance policy towards terrorism and extremism, and there’s no place for such ideologies on their platform; they also say that it’s quasi impossible to eradicate “extremism” online, especially by using “automated systems/algorithms”, or at least that’s what Zuckerberg told us time and time again.

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Yet, if you were following the news in recent months, especially the part regarding Facebook’s crackdown on conservatives and right-wing groups, it appears that the only people who must be stopped at all costs by the Zucc are white Christian Conservatives who are Trump voters and want to MAGA. There can be no world peace until these peaceful, law-abiding American citizens are silenced, disarmed and eliminated.


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