Facebook is the ‘biggest concern’ among the FAANG stocks, analyst says

Facebook is the ‘biggest concern’ among the FAANGs: Analyst from CNBC.

Wang said many of Facebook’s trust woes have been “centralized” around Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, who was in the spotlight after a New York Times report in mid-November about the executive and the social media media company’s internal operations.

The Times report came on the back of a series of scandals and incidents which have mired Facebook in controversy and sent its stock sinking in 2018. As of its last close, the company’s stock price was more than 43 percent off its 52-week high. Asked about the possibility of Sandberg departing from Facebook, Wang said it was “in the rumor category.”

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“I think there needs to be some kind of management change or some appointment that’s someone that the market trusts to take care of these issues and to address privacy and cybersecurity in a stronger fashion than what’s being done today,” he said.

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