Facebook makes $201,936.00 per minute in Ads – so how much did they lose so far today?

CNBC Make It looked at the most recent quarterly earnings reports that seven of the biggest brands in tech (Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook, Tesla and Netflix) filed with the SEC in recent weeks, and broke down how much revenue they each made for every minute of the first three months of 2021. (There were 90 days, and 129,600 minutes, in the first quarter of 2021.)

  1. Amazon: $837,330.25 revenue per minute in 2021′s first quarter
  2. Apple: $691,234.57 per minute
  3. Alphabet: $426,805.56 per minute
  4. Microsoft: $321,805.56 per minute
  5. Facebook: $201,936.73 per minute
  6. Tesla: $80,162.04 per minute
  7. Netflix: $55,270.06 per minute


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