Facebook’s Public Policy Manager for Global Elections, was Joe Biden’s senior policy adviser… on Ukraine

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The debacle that Big Tech created this week when they decided to censor an article critical of Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, has put a spotlight on people who were otherwise hidden in the shadows. Of particular interest are those who are involved with ensuring “election integrity” at companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. That’s why it’s no surprise to find out Anna Makanju, Facebook’s Public Policy Manager for Global Elections, has a history that should spark interest.

First and foremost, she was born in the former Soviet Union. That fact alone is not disqualifying; there are many patriotic Americans born in the USSR who are now wonderful citizens. But when we look at the rest of her history, the Soviet connection becomes a bigger issue. Here are some of the other areas of concern, especially when we consider the role she plays at Facebook should be filled by someone who is politically unbiased:

  • Senior Policy Advisor to Ambassador Samantha Power
  • Director for Russia at the National Security Council
  • Chief of Staff for the Office of European and NATO Policy
  • Professor at Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University
  • Field organizer for Obama for America in Wisconsin
  • Worked for the President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
  • Distinguished Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship recipient



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