Facial recognition tech will lead to the destruction of humanity – here is a new app leading the way

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  • PimEyes scans more than 900 million images across the web
  • Privacy experts are concerned about its ‘serious privacy risks’ 
  • More than 25 searches were performed by DailyMail.com to test accuracy   
  • DailyMail.com uploaded pictures of reports and random people 
  • It finds results accurately and quickly for those in the public spotlight 
  • Images that were a match provided links to the person’s social media accounts 
  • This includes Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, along with personal blogs 
  • Most of the failed matches were pornographic that linked back to the adult site  
  • The search tool is free to use, thought it offers premium features   

espite the controversy surrounding Polish-based facial recognition software PimEyes, an extensive test of the search engine shows that it has trouble identifying ordinary people.

Of the more than 25 searches performed by DailyMail.com, the AI-powered system had varying levels of trouble with 70 percent of photos, including rotated images or those that are slightly blurred.

Journalists and celebrities seemed to be fairly accurate, but only 25 percent of results were entirely accurate for the average person.

However, this is why security experts deem PimEyes a ‘serious security risk’ – the site provides information to social media accounts.

Some of the matches included URL’s to the individual’s Instagram, TikTok, Tumblr and Facebook, along with personal blogs.

Those looking to ‘stalk’ someone using PimEyes may be able to find their target, but will have to sift through a trove of pornographic images.

Approximately 15 percent of search results popped up with explicit images that link back to the original adult content site.


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