Facts to keep in mind while seeing the Cohen show and the story line being laid out.

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by yellowsnow2


No government agency has ever analyzed Hillary’s server. thehill.com/policy/national-security/312767-fbi-never-examined-hacked-dnc-servers-report

Also there is proof the FBI had a lapse in the chain of custody of the server for over a month. Link to FBI FOIA in the article. www.inquisitr.com/4892697/wikileaks-reveals-fbi-lost-chain-of-custody-on-clinton-email-server-for-five-weeks/

The fact is there is zero proof the emails were hacked by Russia. Assange has said the emails did NOT come from state actors and said/implied they were leaked by a DNC insider.

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So the whole narrative is a house of cards built on some propaganda with no proof behind it.

We all knew that Cohen under coercion/blackmail would say exactly what those that want to pull off the coup wanted him to say. That is no surprise. All we can do as free thinking individuals is analyze the known facts.

Which brings up another question. Is knowing about leaks coming out about your opposition illegal?

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Hillary’s campaign paid a British intelligence agent to get dirt on Trump from Russian intelligence agents. And that is all provable. But for some reason IF Trump new ahead of time about the email leak, and IF Russia was actually behind it, that would somehow be different than what Hillary’s campaign did?



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